Monday, September 22, 2014


My great nephew turns 11 today! Happy Birthday and have a great day!
Love, great Aunt Polly

Thursday, September 11, 2014


We had one of the coldest winters (2013-2014) and some of our plants and shrubs didn't do well this summer. No hydrangea flowers had bloomed in our older bushes, a butterfly bush died so we had to replace the new one. A couple of rosebushes died. Other plants had survived. This summer has been good, we only had a few hot days and good rain most of time. We do have problems with deer, pesky pine squirrels, gophers, slugs and incest bugs that damaged some of our plants. We worked a lot in the garden this summer. We hope for a better garden next summer.
                                                                                      Peegee hydrangea tree            

                                                                                              Herb Garden
                                                                                              Shasta Daisies
                                                                                              Calla plant
                                                                                             petunia plant
                                                                                             Male Cardinal
                                                                                        pesky pine squirrel
                                                                                       swallowtail butterfly
                                                                                     And of course a deer.